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Sunday, July 22nd 2012

7:47 AM

Preteen s models


Related article: Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 05:20:17 -0800
From: Tim Stillman
Subject: gay adult/youth "Daniel Meets a Comer" "Daniel Meets a Comer" by Timothy Stillman
Yo Yo, Dandy Sandy,
Well, how's you doin'? I'm having a ball, a-hem, I mean to
tell you. Love being your roommate at Duke, but let me clue you in
about my vacation time here at home. You know the bod you won't
have anything to do with? That would be my bod in other words.
Well, it don't hunger for yours no more. Least ways pictures nubiles preteens till I get back to
university. But this has been a wild fourth of July and promises to be
a wild fourth as long as I'm here. Cause there's--"say it soft and it's
almost like praying"--Shaun--now you know how I palpitate for
Doogie Houser and how I think the New Kids on the Block are the
coolest thing in the world. Not to forget to mention Menudo which is
of course a boy lover's paradise. But Shaun--well, let me tell you
what--Shaun is the hottest ten year old kid in the world. He's got this
devil may care (and I sure know I do) grin that is so sweet I could eat
it with a spoon. Peaches and cream and a boner to boot. A boner preteen bikini modeling that
he showed me last night. Can you dig it? Here's this sweet little angel I'm baby sitting for cause
Christ's on my side or something, and we're watching "Gates of
Hell" on TV (he loves gory horror films, I wasn't really watching the
movie, get into these things, me?, they kind of turn my stomach.
Anyway, I was watching Shaun, out of the corner of my eye, ) and
suddenly I'm beamed out of my sexual revelry by this little hand on
my shoulder. This perfect little hand that I would like to put around
my perfect you know what, and it's not so little, if you'd ever look,
you'd know it, though it don't palpitate now for no one but Shaun.
I'm sitting there with my dick hard and my one hand trying to hide it,
and this little gift of love is looking right in my eyes as I turn my face
to him, my cheeks red. Will I ever learn to naked preteenage girls stop blushing? It's
embarraskin. A dead giveaway too. I'm thinking here's this preteen tgp mpg little
bright eyes and how nice it would be to be bare with him, and he
looks right at me, and his eyes smile. Yes, I know cliche city, but they
smiled anyway by god. And he's looking at me with a trembling
lower lip. You know how boys with preteens fuck dog trembling lower lips get to me.
Well, no you don't know, but you would, if you would ever pay
attention to my escapades. Which are more numerous than yours with
girls, El bucko. Anyway, I glance down at his lap--cause I'm always glancing
at the nether regions of boys, and I see, my god on a crutch, his hard
on which his left hand has molded, outlined, right in his jeans, a nice
little worm right on his left leg, and I almost had a seizure. Here's this
little boy long of blond locks and this cherubic face, and he's half
turned to me, sitting on his left leg kind of, and he is outlining the
doors of heaven to me. And let me tell you it's a pretty long
rotorooter he's got for a kid that young. I almost come right then and
there. And you know what? It leaves me positively speechless. And
you know how I'm not speechless by a long shot not nowhere not
nohow, and I tremble. I sigh. He smiles and he's got these little white
Chicklet teeth that just frenzy me up one side and down the other. His
eyes are big and brown and his face is just so porcelain fine it's off in
another dimension somewhere. If dreams do come true, think of the
one sitting beside me. So he smiles and lower lip trembles and his face is so
guileless and so innocent I almost split a stitch. Now I know you are
thinking well with all your experiences, Daniel my boy, with the
boychoirs in boarding and prep school, how you wormed your way
into their beds late and night and all of that, why did this boy
flummox you? Well, I shall tell preteen wet girl
you, Sandy--cause I'm in love. For the
very first time in my whole boner hungry life I am smitten, kaput,
head over heels, bought the love farm, cause I ain't goin no where but
here my whole life through. Also because I'm 21 this year and time's
running out. Also filipina pre teens because I've always been the one to put the moves
on, and here this little lion cub is doing the move making to me. I
forget Doogie and the New Kids on the Block (they were at the fair
that I work at this summer, I got their autographs, they weren't
impressed kiddie pussy preteen with me, fuck em hacked preteen porn I say--at least I didn't babble when I was
around them) and even Menudo can kiss its creamy ass goodbye, I
have Shaun. In this nice ranch style house in the arm pit of New
Jersey, and I've been baby sitting this real doll baby for a month and
have kept my hands free and clear, but last night promises that the
next month and a half of baby sitting will be heaven on earth. He's got preteen swimsuit pics his hand on his dick under his jeans, and I think this
means since I can see the outline so clearly, that he might not be
wearing underwear. Not that I'm adverse to boys wearing Under-roos
mind you, and rue the day someone got wise about those great TV
commercials and had them removed--chickenshits!--little boys in
Superman under-roos just made me fly through the room and no
Kryptonite would ever stop my trajectory-ha! Anyhoo, here's this
little Shaun and he's waiting in this big expensive wood paneled
living room with its gracious living and all its silver and gold
knickknacks and fancy rococo gilt and all that other stuff whatever it
is, he's wanting me to say something, to say, exactly what I did
say--"Ah, so, well, ah, so, Shaun, what's, ah, what are you, well, it's a
mighty big, real, ah, nice, ah, well..." Okay you can laugh now. I'm
always with the quips. Always with the right things to say to my
quarry, and don't go all steamy moral on me Sandy, you play for the
girlies just like I play for the boys. I got no corner on the market, by
god. So little Shaun says, "Danny Boy, see any meat in the market
today you might want to buy?" God. I never let anybody call me
Danny Boy. I never ever let people call me Danny Boy. Not even you
my former one and only, Sandy, my once and future king--are you
still reading this by the way?--get your head out of those musty dusty
old books for god's sake, and smell the sunshine, it's nice this time of
year--and hearing this little girlie voice out of this little boy who
might be a little girl, ceptin where it counts of course, say that kind of
thing--meat in the market?--when he's never talked like that preteensex young
well, it courses through me like Donner and Blitzen and to all a good
night--then he adds to it--"Salami's good for what ails you." And I'm
in swooner heaven. I tell you my dick is so hard it's about to pound
through my jeans and just break straight into that big screen preteen modeling site TV that's
still on, for which we've both lost--(we're deaf to all the screaming
and chomping sounds in the movie--our own secret preteensex young silent screaming
and chomping sounds impress us far more)--let's say, interest--and
it's cozy and air conditioner cool naked preteenage girls and he scoots closer to me, and boy
can he scoot too, as he leans himself into my arm that is on top of the
sofa behind him, with my hand that dangles spider on a strand
carelessly recklessly close to his little boy shoulder, the hand I've not
been able before this to bring to touch him. What's wrong with me?
Losing my--touch? I'm a roue from Mandaly I think. He snuggles into the crook of my arm, this little crook, this
little limpid deceiver, and he rests his head against me, while with his
hand he is now massaging his boner which just thrills the life out bikini preteens of
me. Now I know you know--if you've been paying attention at
all--that preteens shaved galleries I have had boys in bed in the shower in the quad at midnight
in the restrooms in the gym at midnight in the shower room I am the
champion boy lover of all time, is me, Daniel Sauerborn. But the
thing of it is, Shaun, who can call me Danny Boy till the cows fresh preteen biz come
home, what time do the cows come home these days?, has perplexed
me and got me all in a dither. And he knows it too. This little usa nn preteen devil
who has never before in all this time I've baby sat him--thank god his
parents like to go out on the town almost nightly, especially during
the weekends!--leaving old Uncle Ernie boy nude preteen here to mind their son--good
morning campers--has been always polite and never said a bad word,
never sure has said anything sexual, has not looked at me most of the
time, has not really responded to anything I said. Has in fact treated
me like I'm a parent--shudder. Like I'm an adult--shudder big time.
He has done what I told him--no, you gutter minded slut, not that--I
mean washed his face, brushed his teeth--I tried to get him to let me
help him take a bath, no go--gone to bed on time, said goodnight, as
he turned off the preteen spanking art light, leaving only his nightlite on, told me to close
the door on my way out, left me in the shadows, and there it has
begun and there it has ended. But now this little boy is a little minx. And here I am on the
cusp of-yetch--adulthood and I now have to worry about disparity in
ages. What will it be like when I'm really old? 25 or so? Perish the
thought. And I have to think of things like being told on--god what a
stupid convoluted phrase that is--because when I was a boy, it was
just boys being boys, and if I put a hand on a friend's blue jeaned
crotch, he would either tell me to fuck off, bloody my nose, or be
interested, and that was all there was to it. But now having grown out
of that world--through no fault of my own--I figure Shaun will be my
swan song, and that saddens me more than I can say. Still and all,
Shaun, last night. Shaun who took my hand trembling with palsy on
the back of the sofa and rested it on the top of his head, preteensex young then bikini preteens pulled
my arm around him and let me hold him. Well, have you ever held
stars and planets and moons in your hand? If you have, then you
know what that felt like. It's not the one two three in and out like
with you and your girlies, Sandy, old man, it's more than that for me.
It's tenderness and caring. Then three minutes or so later, it's the old
one two three, but a little softness at least. Course I've been jacking off like mad every night after I get
home from seeing Shaun. I think I've hidden my stick em up
masthead from his parents when they come home. But did I hide it
from Shaun who never seemed to notice I was there, other than
seeing me as a shadow on the floor who gave orders, most of which,
save the good ones, he obeyed like a robot? So, to get on with it, last
night in the soft living room lighting, on the thick roomy cushy sofa,
he rubbed his penis through his jeans and I watched him, while I
turned the TV and VCR off, and we sat in silence, as I felt his lithe
(doesn't that word just say it like no other word does?, I adore it)
body against mine. Thinking I had so much to teach him. Thinking in
the whirring thoughts of the night that surely he must be jacking off
by this point. I did by the time I kiddie pussy preteen was eight. Four and five times a day.
You should see me sometime, Sandy. I'm really good at it. You miss
the best things in life. Boobies and cunts aren't the whole world you
know, you splendiferous teaser, but you can't hold a candle to little
Shaun, who smells of all the things boys smell of at that age--Play
Dough and mud pies and summer air and sweat and that peculiar little
smell boys have that comes from only what and who they are that I at
least have never been able to categorize. The kid's got the world in this house--two computers, video
games up the wazoo, video cassettes of every horror movie ever made
apparently, big TV, smaller one in his room, comic books galore, teen
magazines--wait--teen magazines? He has two huge stacks of them by
his bed. But they're for girls. With all those pin up photos of boys.
That's why I love preteen child uncensored them so much. Leif and Mark and David and Shaun
and Aaron and Ricky and Joel, and holy shit!, the little fucker's gay.
Good god almighty why didn't I twig onto that when I saw the
magazines there shown on by his Mickey Mouse nightlite as he got
under his Winnie the Pooh sheets and bedspread-- --well because I was concentrating on him and not slick
covered magazines is why. But my god. He's another me! Okay I'm
conceited. But who is not when you come down to it? What a holy
hanna mother loving coinkidinkie this is. Tell Wonder Woman that I
need that silver lasso right now, nudists young preteen
I got a boy to catch. Only get this, for
the first time ever a boy has caught me!! What a relief. Now to relax.
Now to just lie back and let Shaun work his wonders. Yeah, I know.
Right. More pressures on me than ever before. How can I do it and he
not knowing I'm doing it? Same old same old. Except it's new to me,
formerly bold, formerly brash, formerly go ahead and kill me cause
I've got hold of your peter but don't you legal preteen cuties want to know what a good
suck from another boy is like before you make me bite the dust? Such
new worlds to consider. Such scary worlds too. So we're sitting there for a time. Me playing statues. Him
nuzzling into me more and more and rubbing his dick harder, a dick I
would give my soul and bones and blood to see, I'd even give away
you to see it, Sandy, sorry but them's the breaks, it's a hard cold
world. And then--then--Shaun reaches a little hand over to my jeans
and he plops that little warm tender thin long fingered hand right on
my preteen artistic bbs hard on right beneath the surface of my own denims and looks at
me as I look at him. And he smiles--smiles so big time you might
knock me over with a feather and name me Snorky. I manage to say,
"Call me Christopher Robin." He says, and there is a certain note of
chilliness in his voice I've not heard before, "no, you call me
Christopher Robin, I call you a silly sex starved fool who ought to
keep his thoughts to himself and his dick for other boys unless you're
willing to pay the price for this one, cause I got a mouth and I can talk
and I know what this is all about and you're as younger preteen nn
subtle as that zombie
in that movie right now ripping out Christopher George's brain, and I
can make your ass grass." Then he smiled another one of those smiles
that caused two dimples on each cheek to deepen. And my heart
compounded and looked for a place to hide, as I felt, what is this
thing again?, oh yes, I've heard of it before, shame, that thing you
keep telling me I should feel, but for real?, me experiencing shame?,
wow, live and learn, right? Scared though I was, even that turned me on. Sweaty though I
became and fearful like never before, that turned me on too. Here am
I a pretty good no a great looking college boy who just catches the
eye of everyone, boys and girls, when I pass along by them, leaving
them longing for more and more than more, and here is this little kid
who is standing up to me, who's got, as they say in old movies, my
number. Which is truly wild, because I've always, except for you
Sandy, and I'm not giving up yet by god, managed to put the other
boy on the defensive, managed to make them think everything I do to
them, good and bad, is their idea in the first place. And here Shaun Wilson, Shaun with the tight white T shirt,
Shaun with the graceful long legs, Shaun with the body of a willow
tree in a gentle rain, Shaun who has now talked dirty and sexually and
has threatened me, Shaun in who I have gladly met and found myself
devoured--I know he's been jacking off thinking about me, I just
know it, most do, so they tell me--and I know he wants me only if I
will do something for him, only if I will do something maybe I don't
want to do--does he want money? His parents have tons of it. He has
every creature comfort a kid can want and then some. But I am not a
kid anymore. I've tried to hold onto it, yes, but I'm forgetting the way
kids think. I'm like one of those Etch a Sketch pads, pull up the
covering and the drawing is no longer there, or maybe just the outline
of a drawing that was once there. This all seems sadder than it used
to. Shaun is soft and Shaun is creamy and Shaun would be so
nice to hold naked on me--and I plan to do that very very soon, as
does he--and he would explore my bigger than his penis, and he
would be fascinated by it and he would lie between my legs, on his
stomach, and hold it and kiss it, and I would spread my legs out and I
would look at this golden haired beautiful body, naked and he's all
mine mine mine!, and his ass there for my eyes to trace down the
wondrous thin slopes of it, as he looks his tender little face to me
before going down on me, and there would be smiles galore from
both of us--no, change that to there will be smiles galore from both of
us very soon--so anyway, I said, voice cracking, my voice does not
crack, I still have that high reedy tone, though deepened a bit, that I
had when I was a kid. I manage to crack out, what do you want me to
do? And he smiles at me and he says, "I want you to, clumsy stupid
boy fucker, take off your clothes and let me paddle you. Not hurt
paddle. Fun paddle. And then you can do with me whatever you want
for the rest of the summer." What has this kid been doing all these ten
years? He is suddenly so experienced. Suddenly so all knowing and
all wise. What can I soak up from him I can use. You know me,
vampire Daniel, never knew a person I didn't learn to imitate and mix
in with all the others. You say cause there's nothing in me that's me.
Horsefeathers. But this kid is beyond me. He says, "Strip and strip
now by god!" Hey, that's my line! So like a puppet on a string, like a marionette on a wire, I
stand up without a word and start stripping, thinking how great that
he's going to see me naked and I'll see him naked and I am taking off
my summer green short sleeved shirt, and fumbling with the buttons,
as I check my clock watch and see we have at least legal preteen cuties
two hours till his
parents get home so he's not setting me up for a practical joke, preteen boy tgps
I'd be standing here buck naked in the living room when they walked
in and little angel from heaven would be all askew eyed and lower lip
quivering which would probably affect them in a different way than it
affects me. The thick drapes are closed. The living room lights are low as
always. The house doors are locked. This night, we shall explore
love. I have my shirt off and now I'm unbuckling my belt and
unzipping my jeans. I wear no briefs or anything, and of course as I
pull them down to let the thwong and balls of me free, I realize that
I've neglected to take my shoes and socks off, preteens models thumbnails
never one time in the
past has that happened to me. Shaun laughs at me. He laughs at me
and says "fool boy, real fool boy" and he gets off the couch and runs
helter skelter to his room which is a long way down the corridor of
this vast many roomed house with many halls and maze like--I guess
I'm the rat in the maze box trying to find model preteens pics
myself some dignity--that's
one thing, sucking away, being sucked away, I always have
maintained my preteen boy tgps
dignity. Except with you, Sandy, how I lusted after you the first time I
saw you, how I've bugged the hell out of you, saying I'm your slave
for life if you will just let me kiss you pleasepleaseplease, but I
always respected you, right?, even when you would come back to the
room, drunk and stoned and pass out on your bed, I never did a thing
to you, took a photo of you once when you were zonked, with all your
clothes on, showed you the photo to make sure I'm an honorable
person, right? So, I start to run after him and of course fall right on
my face. Splat. Right into the nubby green carpet, where I had
dreamed in my j/o fantasies I would first strip and have my way with
Shaun. I could hear Shaun distantly in his room, laughing to beat the
band. So I'm sitting up and taking off my sneakers and socks. Got a
knot in the string of my left shoelace, took forever to try to get it out,
finally just pulled the sneaker off still partly tied, and raced naked as
a jaybird down this corridor and that. My spatial sense off and I
couldn't find the little fox's room. Till I was running past the kitchen door and Shaun steps out
right into my path. I stop. Still hard. Still ball tight. Shaun is still
clothed, dammit, but it's fun being with him this way too. In his left
hand is a paddle. Identical to the ones that teachers in preteens shaved galleries school use.
Made of wood. Oblong. A nice cherry finish handle to it. Good preteensex young
swinging. "You've been a very bad boy. You shall have to be
punished. Bend over, silly boy," Shaun, who is beginning to scare me,
says, and let me add, he is really and truly seriously beginning naked preteenage girls to
scare me--because he is using my schtick in other words--oh Sandy if
you had only been there, if you were only with the two of us
tomorrow night, what great sybaritic fun we would have--so I,
formerly known as Daniel, now answering to the name of Silly Boy,
bend over, as he comes to stand behind me. I feel his hands on my
butt. It turns me on like I can't stand it. My glasses fog up, I kid you
not. He rushes back with the paddle, I feel the whoosh of air, and I
grit my teeth, tighten my buns, feel my cock beginning to shrink, and
wait for the pain. But there is none. He taps me on the butt with the paddle and he reaches
between my legs and grabs my balls and reaches up further for my
boner which has grown tall again. O take me Shaun right here and
now take me. He leans his preteen bikini modeling
body against my back. He tells me to stand
up. He tells me to turn around. I do so gratefully. He tells me to turn
around in a circle and let him see me. Gladly I bikini preteens do so. I've never been
anyone before. Not until Shaun. He comes to me. He lies the left side
of his face against my chest. I reach for him. He pulls back. "Tomorrow night," he says. Then, "Go get dressed. We'll
finish the movie." And I did. Happily. Hopefully. Letting pubescent preteen him watch
me all the way to the living room, then as I dressed, he said, "I've
seen better. But you'll do for now." I smile. I feel so damned good.
We sit on the sofa, miles apart, and finish watching the movie. The
screams once more. The jagged broken glass music. The chomping.
The stringent harsh colors of the movie again sickly flowing over us. I
don't look at Shaun. Not even out of the corner of my eye. I don't
know why. Only that I can't. And I'm trembling and frightened and
can't wait to get home so I can unload. We don't speak again. He's
back to being a polite, dutiful little boy and I'm back to my new role
of a parent who might not really be there in his mind save as an
annoyance. And then it's his bedtime, and--hope hope-- but there is
none-- we follow the old routine. He has become more than human to
me. He has become my world. But it's like tonight never happened.
Save this, before I turn out his room light, leaving his nitelite on, he
says to me, "Get ready for the good stuff. And close the door on your
way out." And by god I just remembered. Christ, Shaun looks just like
him. I'd never met the Wilsons before. I got the baby sitting job from
a friend of a friend. And Shaun. Looks like Jerry. Way too close like
him. Shaun looks like Jerry did when we were ten ourselves. Jerry
was my first. I cut my teeth on him, so to speak. Why did I not know,
notice the resemblance? Jerry who was all squirmy and out of sorts
and screwy, and like, feverish,(not laughing and having a good time
like he always did,) after preteen artistic bbs it was over. Jerry who made me swear never
to tell anyone. Who kept saying he was sorry, sorry, what he made me
do. Jerry who was so ashamed even though of course it was really
was his idea in the first place. Jerry who left boarding school shortly
thereafter, who preteen tgp mpg never came back, who maybe fell off the world for all
I know. Or care, really. I hadn't thought of him in all these years.
Coinkidinkie that I'm baby-sitting what must be his kid brother?
Twilight Zone music cued up. All this on purpose? Sheer accident?
My penis was hard till now when I thought of this. Now it's soft
again. I don't remember boys. I'm on to the next one as soon as
possible. But I remember Jerry more than a little vaguely, though not
much more than that, because he was the first. He told me, after it
was over, that he loved me, like he had to say it or something, and he
sounded like he was deep in a well, when he said the words. Which
are nothing more than words. Don't deprive me of my fun and
freedom, man. Don't fence me in. That was so selfish of him. What
gall. I laughed at him. Then, right after, I held him closer and kissed
his mouth. He didn't kiss back, though. Just lay there on his back.
Waiting for something. What? Does Shaun plan retribution? Was that why he treated me
meanly last night? And I took it. I took it because I'm in love with
him and no one else ever again--at least until he turns 13 or so? I
can't go back there of course cause I don't know what spider's web
I'll be walking into. But last night was Valhalla also. fresh preteen biz It was kicky
being the one acted upon. I've wanted that all my life. And if that's
the kind of punishment he has in mind, lead on MacDuff. preteen fasion model Now that I
am about to have experiences like I've never had before, I feel strung
out, feel as though I'm boxed in, don't know what to do. Feel kind of
shaky. I was feeling so damned good just minutes ago and I had to go
and remember. What do I do, Sandy? What happened to Jerry? Am I
totally wrong and the kid doesn't look a thing like him? Am I going
crazy? Now, I don't know. It's one in the morning and I have to get
some sleep. But I won't be able to. There are butterflies in my
stomach and I find in all of this stuff going on in my head, I'm more
deeply in love than ever before. Or simply ever. Wow. What oh what will happen next? I'll play it out for a
while while maybe he plays me out for a while, but I'm bigger than
he is, and older and wiser and I know the tricks and he does not, he's
just a kid for god's sake, what hold can he have preteen links cp
on me?, what can he
do to me unless I let him? Nothing of course. Well, tell, of course.
But I'm pretty glib and can talk my way out of that, right, Sandy?
Only Shaun does have a smile xxs preteen angels
so sweet I could eat it with a spoon,
and he paddled my naked be-hind and he groped me and god help me,
Sandy, I'm hooked big time, and he can do anything, absolutely
anything to me he wants. I just have to have him. I'll go out of my
head if I don't. I just hope he toys with me a while before he beaches me.
Me? The one getting beached? There's an odd concept. This will be
one to remember fully and completely. I'll kiddie pussy preteen
never mention Jerry
though. Hope he doesn't either. usa nn preteen If he really is Jerry's kid brother, does
he know I was Jerry's first lay? Jerry would have never told anybody.
Certainly not a brother who came along later. Should I ask him what
happened to Jerry if Shaun is who I think he is. No. Better not. This
whole thing is like getting a second chance at first time sex with my
first boy once again ten. Only this time, I'm going to be the one who
gets done preteen teacher rape
to. Well, this should prove pretty interesting, don't you
think?Stay Tuned, legal preteen cuties Dandy Sandy,
Fool Boy
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